I'm improving my knowledge and skills everyday. I already have two diplomas with honors (4.75: AA/FD & BS international equivalents). I'm trying to make web better: make sites more smarter, more faster and more usable. In my work I prefer the automation of everything: development process, testing, deployment.

For today my experience with web-technologies is more 14 years. I created my first site via mobile phone, while I was at middle school. There're high skill with markup, emails' markup and analytics. Also I have a high skill with project management.

This site created in 2014. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to update it, so if you interested in check my current abilities please contact me. I'm ready to do the test-task.

I'd like to be a part of team, which makes really useful project for people around the world.

This is list of some technologies with I worked/I work now:
Mac, CentOS, Fedora, Virtual Machine, Git
Node.js, FireBase, Zend Framework, Yii, Smarty, MySQL
WebPack, Parcel, Gulp, Grunt, Less, Sass
React, Angular, Polymer, Backbone
Mocha, Karma, CasperJs, PhantomJS, CSS Regression Tests, Codeception
CodeShip, Jenkins, CircleCI
Amazon S3, Nginx

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Ilya Kiselevskiy

Frontend developer. TeamLead. 14+ years of experience. Remote.

Hello, my friend! Feel free to write me. I will glad to discuss your project or question.

The code of this site is no longer updated since 2014.

You can find me in LinkedIn.